For my food artefact I have taken a different approach to the word food and connected it with drink. I have made a video showing a cocktail being made, I have tried not to create a recipe video showing how to make a cocktail but rather just presenting one; focusing on colour and the effects of alcohol. I was sitting in a bar when I got this idea, I found it interesting watching different cocktails being made and after conducting some primary research I learnt that other people also find watching cocktails being made interesting as it is colourful and visually exciting. Furthermore I have also tried to present the distorted mind state of a person under the influence of alcohol, using a range of out of focus and pixelated footage as well as clear footage; I think this has been successful and effective.

I have used rock music from Freeplay Sounds, to create a playful and lively atmosphere in the video. Also the liquid looks like as if it is moving to the sound, which effect I liked a lot.