• Films are “show don’t tell”
  • Dialogue has to be character specific
  • Concentrate on visuals which will tell your story
  • Script must be in the correct format
  • 1 page is roughly 1 min
  • Cut third of your first draft
  • Keep it simple
What if?- good story generator
Three Act Structure- Act 1- The Set Up: location and character, (roughly 4 pages) first 1/3, Act 2- The Confrontation: obstacles, (roughly 4 pages) middle 1/3, Act 3- End: climax and resolution, (roughly 4 pages) last 1/3
Discontinuous narrative- beginning middle and end but not in that order, jumps from time to time E.g: Pulp Fiction
Heroes Journey E.g: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, Indiana Jones


What You Need To Make a Good Story:
  • Conflict
  • Characters
  • Situation
  • Locations
  • Convincing Antagonists/ Protagonists
  • Great dialogue