These screenshots and images below are before development and after development images of some of my fear photography.

(Orignal) Before:IMG_9245.JPG

Development Process:Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 17.41.23.png

Final Edited:fear-of-fireI have edited this photograph by altering the vibrance, brightness, levels and curves, to give the flame a more blazed look, creating a more feared impression.


(Orignal) Before:IMG_9356.JPG

Development Process:Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 17.50.55.png

Final Edited:fear-of-backstabbingI have edited this image to make it fit in with the style and conventions of fear photography by altering the vibrance of the image, making it darker.


(Orignal) Before:img_9233

Final Edited:fear-of-darknessI have turned the photograph black and white, to comply with the conventions of fear photography and to emphasise the darkness.


(Orignal) Beforeimg_3453

Final Edited:fear-of-the-unknownI have edited the levels in order to enhance the details in the image.