The aim of my Fear Photography is to make the viewers question their fears, resulting in them wanting to confront and overcome them as well as help other people overcome fears.


Fear Of Betrayal (Proditiophobia) fear-of-backstabbingProditiophobia links with the fear of the unknown; we are unable to read the mind of others therefore do not know what they are thinking. This creates a fear of being betrayed within our minds. This fear gets stronger with experiences of our own and of other; if we hear a story of someone being betrayed or see betrayal within a film our fear increases. In my depiction of proditiophobia, I have photographed a female holding a knife behind her back, connoting “backstabbing.” I felt that backstabbing is an effective way of portraying betrayal as it can easily be recognized by all views. I have edited this image to make it fit in with the style and conventions of fear photography by altering the vibrance of the image, making it darker.

Fear Of The Dark (Nyctophobia)Fear Of Darkness.jpgTo depict nyctophobia, I have taken a photograph of a shattered bulb, connoting no light. To further emphasise the darkness I have turned the image into black and white. This also complies with the convention of fear photography, as most of the fear photography I found whilst conducting my research, were of black and white images.

Fear Of Fire (Pyrophobia)Fear Of Fire.jpgI have kept my photograph of pyrophobia very direct by simply photographing naked fire, because I believe keeping it simple will make it easier for the view to understand. Nevertheless I have edited this photograph the most, by altering the vibrance, brightness, levels and curves, to give the flame a more blazed look, creating a more feared impression.

Fear Of DeathFear Of Rejection.jpgI have photographed a burning flower to represent the fear of death as it connotes the end and death of the flower. Likewise “42% of people in 2011 we cremated and not buried,” according to the Funeral Directors Association. I chose fear of death because fear of death is an extremely common fear because it is certain that we will all encounter death. Although it is a strange fear as when face it, we will not be able to anything to prevent it. From the interviews I conducted, I found out that the mostly likely reason we fear death is because we have no control over it and we cannot guarantee what will happen after death; this links to the fear of the unknown. The majority of people like to be organised and planned, however life does not always flow our plan and this results in a numerous amount for people have a fear of the unknown and of uncertainty. I have not edited this image at all and have left it as an original because I feel that the vibrant colours against the dark ash portray the contrast of life verses death very effectively.

Fear Of The UnknownFear Of The Unknown.jpgI have taken this image in the Malvern Hills. It portrays fear of the unknown, as the viewer cannot see what is beyond the hill, it looks like the end, but is it? Also there is a dark section on the left, making the viewer question what is there. In addition I was with a friend when I went to the Malvern Hills, he was wearing suitable footwear yet kept slipping, this adds to the notion of fear and not knowing why he was falling. If we went to the same location in the dark, it would have been even scarier as there would be a higher chance of slipping. This image has not been edited very much; I have only edited the levels slightly, in order to enhance the details in the image.

Fear Of LoveScreen Shot 2016-11-23 at 15.53.12.pngI have photographed a Willow Tree figure of “Surrounded By Love” to illustrate the fear of love. Susan Lordi, the “maker” of Willow Tree figures, states the figure is “feeling the petals against her face; feeling safe in that surround.” Conversely when I saw the figure, I read it as the figure is hiding behind the flowers and scared and consequently came up with the idea that she is scared of love, due to a bad experience; suggesting the fear of love.