• Characters should talk very little, if you can’t think of anything for the character to say, they don’t need to say anything- show…don’t tell
  • Get into scene late and out early
  • Make the dialogue relevant to the character- each character has a different voice, different attitude, different beliefs and different ways to say things, accents- wheres that character from
  • Write the dialogue in english and the actor can add the accent (get an actor with the accent)
  • Avoid cliches
  • Good dialogue is remembered- because its short and snappy- ill be back, bond…james bond
Action: brief and sharp description
Props and sounds in BLOCK CAPITALS (GUN, BANG)
Exposition is a comprehensive description and explanation of an idea or theory.
  • Character explains whats going on
  • Can do through text on screen- like star wars/ can be a date and location on screen
  • Narration/ voiceover- about the character but not said by the character
  • Flashbacks
  • Internal monologue- voice in head
Huey, Dewey, Louie- Charlies Angels- 3 characters split the lines, so they all have equal lines- stops them being character specific
Show dialogue in another way:
  • Text messages shown on screen
  • Newspapers
  • Tv
  • Radio
  • Voicemail
Get someone to read your script so you can find out if it sounds right and makes sense.