This depiction of Imagine has been inspired by my partially blind friend and Babel at The Tate Mordern Museum. I have worked in a group of three to produce this video, with Sade Williams (Editor), Shaquilla Caines (Camera) and myself Mannisha Mahal (Sound).


We aimed to create a distorted and blurry image that would make the viewer focus and concentrate, creating a picture in their mind; leaving the interpretation of the text to the individual viewers to construct. We have used out of focus footage and a range of sounds to make the experience more confusing for the viewer so that they can concentrate more, creating a more imaginative image for themselves. My friend also said that she has to concentrate a lot on sounds to create a focused image. In addition we had to concentrate on individual sounds whilst looking at the Babel, to understand the radio; this was our main inspiration for the overlapped sounds.