After analysing the initial story, receiving feedback from Mez and conducting research, we realised that it needs a lot of development. The story is complicated and would work better as a long feature rather than a short film. In addition the location of England is not appreciate because in England it is very hard to be sectioned and hospitalised for a metal illness. Consequently we decided to simplify the story and set it in a country where sectioning patients with mental illness is more common. After conducting research, we thought India would be an appropriate location.


Story Development

The woman is dead her husband is reading her diary. We will show key dates, reflecting her life.

1 and 2. Her husband abusing her for being a mute

  1. Telling him she’s pregnant
  2. Miscarriage
  3. Husband abusing because of the miscarriage and her hallucinating

Then it will go to him regretting his actions when he’s reading her diary because she’s dead. We leave the audience to decide how she died.