After conducting research and speaking to my family in India, I have come to a decision that filming in India is not a good idea for a number of reasons. Firstly India is currently going through a money crisis due to 500 rupee and 1000 rupee notes being banned and as a results people of India are really struggling as 90% of transactions in India are done with cash and the banks in India are not allowing them to withdraw much money, not enough to survive as a somebody I know explained to me, as they keep running out. In order to be able to not be affect you must make an Indian bankcard, this process would take a long time and we would not have that much time in India. In addition we do not know anybody in the media industry in India therefore finding trustworthy and reliable fixers, actors and location scouter would be extremely difficult, nevertheless if we did find them it would be hard to build that necessary strong relationship with them as we will not be able to see them until we are in India and traveling to there several times will not be viable due to the cost of tickets. Consequently we have decided to shoot the film in England.


Story 4

We have kept the story the same but the woman is from India and her thoughts will be in Punjabi.

The woman is dead her husband is reading her diary. We will show key dates, reflecting her life.

1 and 2. Her husband abusing her for being a mute

  1. Telling him she’s pregnant
  2. She finds out it’s a girl and is scared
  3. Kills herself

Then it will go to him regretting his actions when he’s reading her diary because she’s dead.