The film will belong to the drama genre and will be about a wife who has a miscarriage and her abusive husband.

It will start in the present day with a lady at a psychiatric ward in a mental hospital, sectioned in a room on her own. She will be hallucinating and singing a lullaby to a blanket (which she thinks is her baby).

Then a Psychiatrist will enter her room and try to talk to her, asking her how she is, asking to see the baby and if he can hold the baby (blanket). She will not be responsive to the Psychiatrist and will not look at him let alone talk to him, but she will be extremely protective over her baby (the blanket), not allowing him to touch it. He will not give up on talking to her and getting her to respond; everyday for a month he will come into the room and do the same thing, trying to get her to respond. One day, around a month later, when she gets used to, to him and finally trusts him, she will talk to him. He does not want to test her too much so doesn’t as her much and takes it slowly. Then roughly a week later he asks her what has happened to her and her baby and how she got to the hospital. He already knows all this through her friends but wants to hear it from her.

Then it will go into a flashback to when she and her husband found out that she is pregnant, showing that they are a happy family who are excited to have a baby.

Then she will be shown sitting in a coffee shop with her friends, where she will be showing them baby clothes and accessories that she has bought- this will show that she is very happy and excited.

The next scene will be her at home decorating the child’s nursery. She will be painting standing on a ladder and her husband will come in and tell her to be careful and come off the ladder, she will say I’m fine. He will leave the room and she will continue painting and singing. Suddenly she will loose her balance and fall off the ladder flat on to her stomach.

It will then go 3 weeks forward. The scene will be her in the nursery again, playing with the toys and hallucinating (like at the start). Her husband will come into the room, pull the blanket off her, slap her and shout, “you’re a worthless woman, who couldn’t give me a child” and leaves the room. She will then have a panic attack and will be covering her ears because she can hear the doctors telling her that she has lost the child and will not be able to have children in the future. The trauma has mentally affected her and made her husband abusive.

One day her friends come to visit her and see her scars from the abuse and see that she is in trauma and is petrified of her husband. Therefore in order to help improve her condition her friends decided to take her away from her abusive husband and admitted her in to the hospital, where she could be treated.

Then it will return back to the present day at the hospital with the Psychiatrist listening to her. As the Psychiatrists are now aware of her condition and she is more willing to talk to him, he is able to start her treatment and slowly she starts to improve (less hallucinations, not playing with the toys) however remains depressed (quiet and stays alone). This will be shown a montage of time progressing and her condition improving.


Then the scene will go to as day when she is feeling much better. The Psychiatrist will ask her how she is and she will respond very positively, and he will state that she can be discharged soon and then he will leave. The clock will then be shown with a time-lapse of a couple of hours and she will then be shown lying on the floor, dead, with a note next to her saying “I am a worthless woman, who couldn’t give him a child.” She commits suicide.