Worthless Woman will be distributed through film festivals, showcased in collges and advertised on social media. 

We would like to show selected scenes in colleges to spark further discussion on the topics of female foeticide and domestic abuse. We are aware that we will need to gain permission from the local authority and colleges for this.

Murdered By My Boyfriend also did this as was very successful in raising awareness on sensitive issues such as domestic abuse.

We are hoping that our actors will be of a similar age to students in colleges therefore our audience will be able to relate better to the characters and consequently would be more interested in the subject. Our secondary audience is a broad mainstream audience as the aim of our production is to raise awareness worldwide.

 Colleges To Approach For Distribution:

  • Sandwell College

  • Coventry City College

  • Walsall College

  • BMET- Sutton, Matthew Bolton, James Watt

  • Henley College

  • Hereward College

Also we have created Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for Worthless Woman to be advertised on. Via social media we will be keeping the audience up to date on the progress of the production.

We will be contacting local radio stations, such as: BBC WM, BBC Coventry and Warwickshire and putting press articles in local newspapers. This will help to advertise and promote the film.

BMET: available from http://www.bmet.ac.uk [Accessed 17.01.2017]

Coventry City College: available from http://www.covcollege.ac.uk [Accessed 17.01.2017]

Henley College: available from http://www.henleycol.ac.uk [Accessed 17.01.2017]

Hereward College: available from http://www.hereward.ac.uk [Accessed 17.01.2017]

Sandwell College: available from http://www.sandwell.ac.uk [Accessed 17.01.2017]

Walsall College: available from https://www.walsallcollege.ac.uk [Accessed 17.01.2017]