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We are considering to submit Worthless Woman to these film festivals as they would help us reach our desired audience, helping us succeed the aim of raising awareness of female foeticide and domestic abuse.

BFI Future Film (2017): available from http://www.bfi.org.uk/education-research/education/bfi-future-film [Accessed 09.01.2017]

London Short Film Festival (2017): available from http://shortfilms.org.uk [Accessed 09.01.2017]

Raindance (2017): available from http://www.raindance.org [Accessed 09.01.2017]

Screentest (2017): available from http://www.screentestfest.org.uk [Accessed 09.01.2017]

Sundance (2017): available from http://www.sundance.org/now [Accessed 09.01.2017]