This is a list of films with a similar shooting style, whether it be the colour, tone, lighting, mood or intended angles, as Worthless Woman.
Humphrys, K (2016) Mahogany [Online] available from https://vimeo.com/192017003
Kanavati, F (2016) Uneventful [Online] available from https://vimeo.com/144291101
Gabzdyl, M (2012) Flower Girls [Online] available from https://vimeo.com/70138586
Schmidt, C and Gonzalez, J.L (2014) Desolation [Online] available from https://vimeo.com/90917782
Stark, S (2010) The Dancer [Online] available from https://vimeo.com/11374425
Vo, C (2011) Echo [Online] available from https://vimeo.com/32657501