After graduating from Media Production BA, I am considering doing a Masters Degree in Marketing or Film Distribution. Last May I conducted work experience as a Runner with MTV, there I had the opportunity to meet a lot of industry professional. One of the days when I was there I had lunch with these professional, they were all from different fields within the Media. The main thing and in my opinion the most important thing, I learnt from them was “to open door for opportunities” they suggested that I should do as much experience in various roles as possible in order to gain a personal feel for each role. They also suggest for young people like myself who want to pursue a career in Media, to first do a Masters Degree in Marketing as it gives a better sense of the demands of consumers. Most of the people that I spoke to while at MTV had done a Masters Degree in Marketing. This made me decide that yes I would also like to do a Master Degree. This could open more opportunities for me and I may realise that I am more interested in the marketing aspect of Media in comparison to the production side.

While I was at MTV I did not enjoy the work I was doing yet I found it very valuable and useful as I was able to learn thing about the industry that I would not have learnt without actually being there.