When planning a production I find the creating the visual look of the film exciting and fun to do. Directing: Film Techniques and Aesthetics explains that “creating the look of the physical environment where your scene takes place” is the responsibility of the Art Director, suggesting that I find the role of an Art Director appealing. They are responsible for the “visual qualities of the location and set, set dressing, properties, props, costume and make-up.” I conducted some further research into Art Directors and from Creative Skills Set I found out the skills required to be a successful Art Director are to:

  • “Have a good all-round knowledge of interior design and architecture
  • Have a practical understanding of building and construction
  • Understand the work of other TV/film departments
  • Have a good knowledge of computer budgeting software
  • Have excellent free-hand drawing, perspective and technical drawing skills
  • Possess a good eye for decoration and detail
  • Be able to conceptualise ideas
  • Be able to think visually
  • Have a methodical approach to work
  • Have strong leadership skills, to motivate and direct a team
  • Be able to see the broader picture and to co-ordinate effectively
  • Understand the requirements of the relevant health and safety legislation and procedures, particularly relating to potentially hazardous working conditions or materials”

I have also watched some videos to expand my knowledge on Art Direction, including:

What Is Art Direction in Film?- This video suggests that Art Direction is “the world the audience see.” I have also learnt that an Art Director is also known as the Production Designer

What Does A Production Designer Do?- This video explains the roles, responsibly and procedures of the Art Director, from pre-production to production. I found this video very useful and informative.

Lootera – Art Direction- This video gave me the opportunity to see Art Directors working and creating a set, seeing the struggles and understand what could potentially go wrong.

In addition I have contacted three Art Directors (Cassandra Vance, Sacha Séméria and Luca Gabriele Rossett) asking them for advice and tip on how to become an Art Director. All three of them are very successful Art Directors with a lot of experience in Art Direction. Cassandra Vance has not yet replied to me but Sacha Séméria and Luca Gabriele Rossett have replied. I am taking their advice on board by watching videos of makings such as Fantastic Mr Fox and considering attending Luca Gabriele Rossett’s course.

Sacha replyluca 2

Full conversations are available in my 364MC: Professional Practice Portfolio- Professional Contacts and Networking blog post.

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