I enjoying writing and creating new stories therefore the role of a script writer interests me. I have written a few stories, poems and scripts previously and would enjoy doing it as a career.
I have started to read The Writers Journey by Christopher Vogler to understand storytelling in more depth so that I can expand my skills and develop my writing. He explains step by step guidelines of plot development as well as character development, the three act structure as well as other writing techniques. I also attend all of Clifton Stewarts sessions on script writing, in which I learnt about: character arc, dialogue development, script layouts, the hero’s journey, the three act structure etc. Furthermore, I have also read sections from Filmmaking For Dummies, which has informed me on how to attempt to sell and distribute my scripts and stories.
I have contacted the Dhoombros, a group of YouTubers who write their own scripts for their short films, asking them for advice on script writing. I contacted Rupan Bal as Punjabi actor, director, producer asking about how to get into the Film Industry and he explained to me the the most important part of filmmaking is script writing, this has further motivated me in developing outstanding scripts. Furthermore I have also contacted Cardy O’Donnell, Giuseppe Paganin and Erin Cipolletti, who are also very experienced in script writing. Cardy O’Donnell is a full time script writer and has worked on Brookside, Grange Hill, Hollyoaks, Coronation Street and Doctors; he replied to me and suggested I take note for interesting things I hear, which will make my dialogue realistic, consequently will make better scripts. Giuseppe Paganin, Dhoombros and Erin Cipollett have yet not replied to me.
 Cardy Reply
Full conversations are available in my 364MC: Professional Practice Portfolio- Professional Contacts and Networking blog post.
I have also researched the skills required to be a script writers. From my findings National Careers Services explains that you need to have:
  • “Excellent writing ability
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Storytelling skills and an understanding of dramatic structure
  • A willingness to accept criticism and rejection of your work
  • Good presentation and networking skills”
Creative Skills Set adds that you need to:
  • “Have an in-depth understanding of story, plot and narrative
  • Understand the different ways that films affect audiences
  • Be familiar with current formats for presenting screenplays
  • Be able to bring to life the individuality of characters
  • Be able to write visually, using sound and dialogue to support action
  • Be dedicated and well organised
  • Be able to work as part of a team
  • Be able to work to strict deadlines”
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