I am interested in the role of a Television Floor Manager therefore I have conducted some research on the job description, responsibilities and skills required to undertake the role. In addition I have some experience in the role as I have been the Floor Manager of a TV Show, Rise and Shine, within University.
As explained in Television Production Handbook, the Floor Manager is “In charge of all activities on the studio floor. Coordinates talent, relays director’s cue to talent, and supervises floor personnel.” The Floor Manager can also be referred to as the Floor Director and Stage Manager.
Prospects explains that the skills required to be a Floor Manager are:
  • “The ability to foresee, solve and avoid problems under pressure
  • Excellent communication skills to receive, interpret and convey information accurately and concisely
  • Interpersonal skills, in order to quickly judge how to get the best out of different people
  • Good organisational skills and the ability to multitask.”
Media College adds that a Floor Managers “requires a high level of maturity, confidence and competence, knows all the floor staff positions well (camera, sound, lighting, etc). A sense of timing and continuity is critical. A good sense of space is also helpful when referring to floor plans and making set changes flow well.”
In order to get some advice and tips on Floor Managing, I have contacted Mark Harrison, Jenna Wild and Michael Bodell. Mark Harrison has worked on shows such as: Robot Wars, Would I Lie To You?, Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, Strictly Come Dancing, Top Gear and National Television Awards as the Floor Manager; Jeena Wild has worked several production companies and broadcasters and Michael Bodell is a Senior Floor Manger for Al Jazeera English, Arise News and London Live. Unfortunately none of them have yet replied to me.
 This is a list of some of videos that I have watched to understand the role of a Television Floor Manager:
  • How to Be a Studio Broadcast Floor Manager- I found this particular video useful as I was not aware that the Floor Manager uses a clapper board and this videos explains that aspect of the role.
  • Hand Signals for Television- It is important that there is no sound in the studio therefore the Floor Manager must uses signals to notify the presenters about any changes or information. This was a very simple yet effective video in explain the hand signals that a Floor Manager must know.
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