I have client based work lined up for the end of May. I have been approached by a client who has asked me to edit together several footage clips from her wedding. She got married in July and had a few ceremonies and parties before her wedding. For her wedding day she had a professional wedding photographer however for the ceremonies and parties in the lead up to the wedding her family recorded the events using their own camera. Unfortunately her family have lost the SD card on which the footage was, lucky she has been able to contact people that had attended the ceremonies and parties and has been able to accumulate footage that they have recorded on their mobile phones. She would like me to gather this footage, that has been recorded on mobile phones, and edit it together to make a video that will make up for the lost footage.

This will be a challenging job as the footage quality varies and I would like to create a smooth edit, trying to make it look as professional as possible.

After conducting some research on films made on mobile phones and devices as such, I have found out that this is becoming very popular. Tangerine (2015) was shot on an iPhone 5s and has become a very successful film, winning 23 Awards and having 36 Nominations. This has made me more confident that the final edit can be of a professional style as long as the footage is workable. I am yet to see the footage, I will be given it at the end of May. Every project which I conduct I aim for it to be completed to the best of my ability; with this project I am feeling the pressure slightly more than I possible would if I was creating a documentary, commercial or short film because I will be working with footage that is very personal to the client and she has been disappointed before. When she approached me she said that this is her last hope in creating a visual piece to remember her wedding; consequently I want to ensure that I please her. In order to make this happen I will work very closely with her and show her my progress at several stages of the process so that she can give me feedback and I can ensure that she is happy.


Tangerine (2015) available from: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3824458/ [Accessed 29. 03. 2017]