On the 21st of March, I visited The Photography Show at The NEC, Birmingham. There I had the opportunity to speak to professionals in the Photography industry, expanding my network and learning more about upcoming equipment, software’s and products.

I have learnt that wedding and portrait photography has a very high demand in comparison to any other type of photography. Most of the exhibitors there were portrait or wedding photographers, companies selling props to portrait photographers or companies selling photo books for weddings or companies providing photo booths for weddings.

I met a photographer, Eddie McDonald, who spoke to me one-to-one about lighting during a photo shoot. He is a photographer for commercials and sportswear. He explained that his technique of lighting a model or a product for a photo shoot is very experimental, he stated that he often moves the lights around and simply just see’s what looks best for the particular desired effect. I found it very useful talking to him as he explained his techniques very informally and in a simple manner, which helped me understand them and made feel confident that I would be able to successfully light and conduct a photo shoot.

I also had the opportunity to speak to a representative from Trov. He explained what Trov is; Trov is an insurance company, through which you can insure your equipment on-damand for days or weeks, depending on your needs. They operate via an app, on which once set up you can swipe to insure a piece of your equipment and swipe off to turn the insurance off. He also told me about an ambassadors scheme which they provide; the aim of the scheme is to help amateur photographers become professionals, supporting and guiding them. I am interested in photography therefore I found the scheme appealing and have began conducting some more research on it and finding out about other photographers who have become Trov ambassadors such as Tom Young, Lewis Khan, Tom Cockram and Georgia Kuhn. I am going to try and contact them in order to gain feedback on my portfolio and ask them more information about the Trov ambassadors scheme.


Furthermore I spoke to a company that sells 3D lens which you attach to DSLR cameras in order to create 3D footage and all you would need to view the footage is blue and red lensed glasses. The company was called Kúla, I particularly remember them because their business card was the blue and red lensed glasses that they gave me to view the footage with. I thought that was a very clever branding and marketing strategy as they did not have standard rectangle business cards, like most of the other companies there.

Palette Gear, was one of my favourite stalls at the event as the product they were selling is something that I would be very much interested in purchasing. Palette Gear is a module control system that you can magnet together, set up and connect to your laptop/ computer, the modules have buttons, dials and sliders which you can use to edit photographs and footage on your normal editing software. Palette Gear works like an attached keyboard or mouse, as in you can attach it with a usb. It is designed to make editing more precise and faster. I tested it out and edited a photograph at the event and felt like it was much easier to edit the photo using the Palette Gear as I was just turning the dial and moving the slider and not taking my eye off the picture, making me see all the changes and improving my concentration.

Pass 6

Overall I found attend the event useful as it gave me an insight into equipment and services available, I was able to speak to professionals and expand my network.


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