I have created a portfolio website in order to showcase my work in one formatted area as well as to advertise my services. The website has my showreel, a section about me, my portfolio, a list of my projects, the services I offer and my contact details.

The link for my website is: https://www.mmahalproductions.com

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 11.09.05.png

I have looked at quite a few portfolio websites and have been inspired by: Lighting Director Gurdip Mahal, Photographer Russell Whitehead and Art Director Vito Salvotore.


Gurdip Mahal 2013: available from http://www.gurdipmahal.com [Accessed 12.02.2017]

Russell Whitehead N.D: available from http://www.russellwhitehead.com [Accessed 12.02.2017]

Vito Salvotore N.D: available from http://www.vitosalvatore.com [Accessed 12.02.2017]