I have contacted several Media Professionals, including: Filmmakers, Photographers, Art Directors, Script Writers, Lighting Directors, Media Graduates and contacts which I met and found out about at networking events (such as the Photography Show).

Most of them have not replied to me. (Cardy O’Donnell, Charley Fletcher, Sacha Séméria, Luca Gabriele Rossetti, Lalit Bhusal, Jamie Clarke, Georgia Kuhn, Tom Young, Tom Cockram, Robin Dutta, Rajesh Shinde, Sheikh Shahnawaz, Emmanuel Johnson, Michael Aryan, Paul Bates and Lewis Khan)

Photographer Eddie Macdonald has replied to me stating that he will give feedback but has not yet given it.


I have had verbal feedback from Lighting Director Gurdip Mahal, on the phone.

He said “It is a strong portfolio, it shows a range of skills and experiences and works very well on a phone as well as laptop. It is good how you have stated the roles you are interested in doing and shown proof of your experience in the roles on your projects and portfolio pages.”


Photographer and Former Coventry University Student, Russell Whitehead has also given me some useful feedback. Using his feedback I have checked the links and they are now working.

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Filmmaker, Vlogger, Actor Director, Producer and Comedian, Rupan Bal has replied with a very simple reply.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 20.17.28.png